Captain of Moonshots

Back in April, I was searching for something. Trawling back through notebooks from past years, sifting through articles in well-thumbed business journals; it was the kind of 'creative idling' time that I don't always make space for in my working day. I didn't know exactly what I needed; I just felt sure I'd know it when I found it.

Looking back, it's obvious: I was seeking inspiration.

 Image © jurvetson

Image © jurvetson

Cup of tea in hand and surrounded by piles of books and jotted notes, I eventually found myself step-stoning my way through a myriad of Twitter feeds, feeling less inspired with every click.

Then I stumbled across a Fast Company video, lasting just 1 minute and 38 seconds. It ended my search.

The clip was a brief interview with Astro Teller who holds what may well be the best job title on the planet: Captain of Moonshots at Google[x].

Mr Teller heads up Google's 'moonshot factory', an enterprise that seeks to build and test magical, audacious ideas, and bring them to life through science and technology.

The hook

What struck me about the clip wasn't the science in the background, the ideas, the brain-bending technology… It wasn't even the concept of Google[x] itself that fed my imagination. Not this time.

This was the quote that grabbed me:

"What I'm the most excited about is how we approach problems - so watching some of them do the brainstorming, what kind of people are they, how do they interact with each other? That culture is a massive multiplier on what you can really accomplish. My tip is be authentic." – Astro Teller, Captain of Moonshots, Google[x]

A simple reminder that accomplishment flows from the extent to which we are truly ourselves – in business, and in life generally. Being ourselves = authenticity accomplishment.

How we show up. Our mindset. How authentic we are. Together, this is what creates a culture. And in business, that culture is the very foundation on which our ability to accomplish stratgeic goals rests.

If you're searching for ingredient 'x' that will be rocket fuel for your organisation's success, if you're wanting to apply a massive multiplier to what you can accomplish, take a look at your culture. And take a look at the clip.

Over to you

Are you truly 'yourself' in business? How about the people you work with? Do you get to see the real them, free from politics? Are you losing the opportunity to emotionally and intellectually amplify everybody around you? How much would politics go away, and how much would trust go up, if you were all truly yourselves from here on in? Come over and let us know on Twitter.

Tying yourself up?

If you've got an inkling that your business culture needs review, and needs to pack in more authenticity if you're to accomplish your dreams, our Culture Eats Strategy For Breakfast package has been created with you in mind. Two bespoke workshops to dig into what your current culture is, and what intentional changes are needed to move you forward – with three of our most talented coaches.

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