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Our resident "storyteller" coach Julia Wheeler knows a thing or two about grabbing an audience's attention. Her journalistic background gives her a nose for a cracking narrative, and she understands the power that stories have to engage, encourage, and inspire in business.

The more I work with story in the business context, the more I see its potential – to share the strategy and priorities of an organisation, to help its leaders towards coherence and to get underneath what’s really going on. Statistics and figures are one thing, but when you want to influence people truly, deeply and for the long term, story wins every time.
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So it's no surprise that Julia picked up on an HBR article that shares some fascinating research into why stories are so powerful when used in business. The author, Harrison Monarch, looks at a number of studies analysing the effect of storytelling in some surprising contexts: including medicine and advertising.

As it turns out, storytelling could be even more powerful than we think. In its analysis of TV commercials, the research reveals that "regardless of the content of the ad, the structure of that content predicted its success."

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Of course, being able to tell a powerful and engaging story won't save your business from poor leadership or decision making…

But it will make the difference between a team who are on board, fired-up, and right behind you, compared to one that's following your lead because it has to. 

And it will make the difference between a client, stakeholder or sponsor saying "hell, yes!" to your bold new approach, rather than "thanks but no thanks".

It's those who are able to tell stories and truly engage us who are the most inspiring. Even if the message they're conveying is a tough one, politicians and business leaders alike know the power of drawing us in with a strong narrative framework, and a conclusion that leaves us sated.

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Have you experienced the power of storytelling yourself? And is it a strategy you use consciously in business? Can you think of any examples of great storytellers, who've used powerful anecdotes and structures to let their message shine? Come over and let us know.

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